Plumbers provide an essential service. So long as a property has running water, it’s always going to be in need of a plumber eventually. As such, successful marketing as a plumber isn’t just about selling people the importance of your services: it’s about being there when they need them. If your clients don’t come across your name but, rather, a rival plumber, then that can lead to lost money.

Our plumbing SEO services represent one of the very best ways that you can make sure that you’re the one that your potential clients find first, meaning you win more of them. When looking for a plumber, most customers are going to type “plumber” and their location into a search engine. Search engine optimization is all about making sure that you are the first business they come across when they do.


What are plumbing SEO services?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a collection of different techniques and marketing practices that can make your website easier for Google and other search engines to pick it up. Aside from making your site more noticeable to search engines, it also makes those same search engines more likely to promote it higher in the relevant search results.

As a plumber, your services are usually already understood by your clients. While other businesses have to focus on selling the advantages of what they do, your primary focus should be (aside from the benefits of choosing you in particular), getting people to notice your business. SEO can play a key role in doing just that.

Examples of effective Plumbing SEO Services

If you’re looking to bring in more clients, then you need to focus on those who are already looking for the repairs, installations, and services that you already offer. SEO techniques are designed to do just that, and here we will look at a few of them that, when combined, can make a huge difference in your visibility and reach:

  • Keyword optimization: Users type specific keywords into search engines based on what they’re looking for. For instance, they might type “plumber” or they might type in specific services they’re looking for like toilet repair” or “water heater installation.” By using the relevant keywords in page titles, metadata and content, you’re more likely to appear to those who are using said keywords.
  • On-site link building: Two types of link building can help you grow your business’s search engine optimization. The first type is about effectively linking your pages to your site. Pages that are related to one another should have links to one another, and you can even create pages that act as hubs for specific categories or topics. This makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl and index your sites, which is how they get listed in the first place.
  • Off-site link building: Off-site optimization is all about getting link placements on other websites. If you can get links from websites with authority, relevance, and trustworthiness, then it also improves the trust score that many search engines track for your website as well. This makes it more likely to appear in searches.
  • Improving website functionality: Another factor that is measured and cored by search engines is the effectiveness of the website itself. Broken links, broken images, slow load times, and a lack of mobile optimization can all lower the likelihood of your website being featured high in search engine results pages so, by fixing this issue, we can make your site more visible.
  • Local optimization: Most plumbers do not operate nationally or globally. If you have specific service areas that you work in, then your SEO should reflect that. We can use techniques and content designed to make your site specifically more visible to those in your service areas, so you’re more likely to get converts from each click. 

The advantages of plumbing SEO services

  • Get more visitors by improving the visibility of your website. Given that the majority of people will go looking online through search engines when they need plumbing, you can see great improvements to traffic numbers with SEO.
  • Improve lead quality by focusing more on those who are more likely to convert in the first place. People who use search engines may be looking for plumbers, for specific plumbing services, or plumbing advice, and you can work to gain these visitors specifically.
  • Make your brand more visible, which in turn is going to make people more likely to trust it. People tend to put a little more faith in the plumbing teams that Google will show them first. Even if they don’t immediately become clients, you’re building the awareness that can lead to eventual conversion.
  • Make your website better by relying on the website functionality aspects of SEO. Not only will they help you attract more visitors, but a pleasant website experience also makes them more likely to convert.
  • Create great content that’s more likely to convince people that you know what you’re talking about. Keyword-specific content is one of the most common techniques of effective SEO but is also a great way of demonstrating your authority on all manner of plumbing topics.

Should you work with an SEO agency?

The above points may well convince you of the effectiveness of search engine optimization as a practice, but why would you simply not learn it yourself? Simply put, if you want to stay focused on the plumbing and provide the best experience for your clients, then you may not have the time or energy to take it on. 

SEO is a combination of a wide range of different techniques and practices. It takes a lot of time to learn, and even longer to apply that knowledge to the specifics of your plumbing business. With an SEO agency, you don’t need to worry about any of that, just let them do the work, and watch your traffic, conversions, and brand reach improve.

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