Do you want to rank on the first page of Google? If you own a business in chatham, increasing visibility and driving customers straight to your doors is crucial. As a result, you’ll benefit from local SEO in chatham to achieve this goal. 


Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place as Local SEO 101 is a leading provider of digital marketing in chatham. We help businesses of all sizes improve visibility with a focus on search engine optimization. With our expert services, we’ll take your business and drive it up the rankings until it’s right at the very top! You’ll dominate the local market, leaving your competitors in the dust. 

How We Help You With Digital Marketing in chatham

Our team provides a wide range of bespoke services to help brands in and around the chatham area. All of these services come together to create the ultimate digital marketing package. You can pick and choose whatever you like, but they all work towards the same goal: getting your business on the front page of Google. 


Here’s a brief rundown of our digital marketing services: 




Search engine optimization in chatham is our specialty – emphasizing local SEO. We take your existing website and look at your current digital marketing strategy. From here, we can implement changes to improve your site’s searchability, making it rank on the first page of Google. It’s a complex task, but one we’re more than capable of handling. Our team will deal with all elements of SEO for your business – including both on-page and off-page search engine optimization. 

Link Building

Many businesses in the chatham area neglect the importance of link building. This is a vital element of off-page SEO as it helps your site soar up the rankings. A great link-building strategy tells Google your website is credible and a great source of information for users. As such, it prioritizes your site over others, meaning you climb the search results pages. The secret is generating as many high-quality backlinks as possible. This is no easy task – and there are plenty of mistakes companies can make when link building that hinders their progress. Leave this to us; we know the best and most effective ways to build organic links to your site. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a core part of every digital marketing strategy nowadays. We leverage your social presence to spread the word about your brand and get more eyes on your site. Driving traffic through social channels won’t just help you generate more leads; it will also help your search engine ranking. If Google sees lots of users visiting your site every day, it assumes you’re a high-value site and wants to make more people aware of your existence! 

Content Writing

Never underestimate the value of content writing when dealing with SEO. If you want to dominate the chatham market, you need to convince everyone that you’re the best in the business. A solid content strategy helps you become an authoritative source in your chosen industry. We help you produce regular content that builds trust with your target audience while also driving your search ranking through the roof. 

Site Audits

A full-scale site audit helps us understand where you currently stand. Our experts analyze and test your website to see what’s good – and what can be improved. It’s a way of evaluating the situation, and we can build on things from here. This is the best way to start your journey to dominance as we identify what needs to be improved to get your site further up the rankings. 

Web Design

Web design and SEO go hand in hand. You need a site that’s optimized for search engines and is easy to find. Our talented team will design a site that meets your needs as well as the needs of users. It’ll include all the must-have features to ensure your business shows up in all the relevant local searches. 

App Development

Local SEO 101 can go one step further and provide mobile app development services. We’ll help you get your business right into the back pockets of your target audience. 

Logo Design

Boost your brand with professional logo design services. We’ll update your current logo or create a brand-new one from scratch to ensure audiences start recognizing your company. 


The beauty of our services is that we cater to every business. If you only want to pay for search engine optimization in chatham, you can do just that. If you need more digital marketing services, you’re welcome to add other things to the mix. Everything is tailored to you, allowing you to create the perfect package based on your needs and budget!

The Importance Of Local SEO in chatham For ALL Business

Local search engine optimization is crucial for all businesses in chatham – big and small. 

Are you still wondering if local SEO in chatham is right for you? Here are a few big reasons it should be a number one priority: 


  • Appear in local search results – Local SEO helps your business show up when people are looking for businesses or services in their local area. If consumers are searching for things “in chatham” you need to ensure your company shows up. Those that aren’t optimized for local searches will never be seen, meaning you miss out on so much exposure. Likewise, if users are searching for businesses on devices with their location turned on, they automatically get presented with local search results via Google. Our Local SEO services help you jump out and be seen by the local audience. 

  • Drive foot traffic to your local business – Do you rely on foot traffic for your business to thrive? Local businesses in chatham need people to come down and buy things every day. Local SEO is the best way to do this. It is specifically designed to target a local audience, showing them that your business exists, and how they can find you.

    A big part of a local SEO strategy is getting a Google Business Profile. This makes your business show up on Google Maps for anyone looking for local companies. It also gives you a profile that shows when people click on your business listing, offering details such as opening times, directions, peak hours, menus for restaurants, and more. This is all used to convince local traffic that your business is worth visiting, prompting them to come down and spend money! 

  • Increase conversions with targeted web traffic – Local SEO in chatham doesn’t just focus on delivering physical traffic to a physical store. It also assists you in driving more web traffic to your business website. Part of your local search engine optimization strategy will revolve around creating a more SEO-friendly website. Therefore, you appear higher up the rankings and are way more visible.

    The added benefit of local SEO is that you’re targeting local searches using local keywords. As a consequence, you drive targeted web traffic to your site. Targeted traffic refers to users that are highly likely to be interested in what your site has to offer. If your primary audience is local, you have a better chance of converting local leads compared to general leads from all over the country. In fact, it’s a waste if people visiting your site are from different areas as you’re never going to be able to convert them. Local SEO delivers targeted traffic straight to your site, increasing conversion rates exponentially. 

  • Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals – As a local business, you’re competing with plenty of similar businesses in the chatham area. Without a great local SEO strategy, your competitors will have the upper hand. They’ll be more visible than you, meaning they get more foot traffic and paying customers.

    Thanks to Local SEO 101, you can flip this around. We’ll give you a competitive advantage over your rivals by helping you dominate Google searches. When locals look for a business like yours, we make sure you’re the first one they see. You’re right at the top of local searches, encouraging them to click on your website or find directions via Google Maps. More customers come to you, leaving your rivals in the dust. 

  • Build trust and credibility – Ranking highly in local searches shows that your business is one of the best around. You gain a sense of authority when you’re at the top; consumers trust businesses with a solid search presence. It shows them you clearly know what you’re doing, or else you wouldn’t be at the top. This builds trust, which helps you make more conversions and generate even more customers. 

Additionally, creating a Google Business Profile means your business can take online reviews. Part of our local SEO service will include helping you get as many positive reviews as possible. Now, when people see your site on Google, they’ll notice five shiny gold stars from dozens of customers. It builds more faith and credibility, convincing users that you’re the business to choose!


  • Enhance your digital marketing ROI – Targeting local searches means you can zero in on your niche. As mentioned before, this can ramp up your conversion rate – but it can also influence your marketing ROI.

    Local SEO in chatham is a highly cost-effective way of marketing your business. You spend money on services and tactics that genuinely work and will help you target your primary audience. Less money is spent on ideas that bring in a wider audience, many of whom may not be interested in what you offer. These marketing tactics help you bring in more customers, boosting your sales and widening profit margins. 

The bottom line is that local SEO is vital for all businesses in chatham. If you have a physical location and depend on foot traffic, it’s essential to invest in local search engine optimization services. You need to appear in local searches to find your target audience – and local SEO will literally help you get on the map. Even if you don’t have a physical location, local SEO still ensures that the right people notice your business. 

Local SEO 101 is here to help with everything. Our experts work closely with your local business to generate all of the benefits listed above. Get in touch with us today if you want to rank on the first page of Google for all searches related to your business!


Why You Need SEO-Optimized Website Development 

A large portion of our services is dedicated to digital marketing in chatham and working on your search engine optimization. However, we also specialize in SEO-optimized website development. This is a hugely popular service that provides numerous benefits – especially when search engine rankings are taken into account. 

What Is SEO-Optimized Website Development?

SEO-Optimized website development is the process of designing your website with a firm emphasis on search engine optimization. 

These days, it’s easy to get carried away with all the various web design options out there. You want a site that looks uber-modern and impressive, but this can sometimes mean you sacrifice or neglect SEO. 

With our SEO-optimized web development service, we give you the best of both worlds. Your site is designed to look modern and impressive, yet has all the elements that will improve your ranking performance. 

Here are some of the main aspects of your website we focus on to directly enhance SEO: 


  • The user experience – Every single part of your site is designed with the user in mind. This includes the general usability of the site; it will be easy to navigate, all the buttons will work correctly, pages will load quickly, and so on. Users will visit your site and immediately be able to find what they’re looking for without any issues or concerns. 
  • Site structure – The way a site is structured is so critical for search engine optimization. We design a site that’s perfectly structured with all the right metatags and data to make it easy for Google to find and index your site. This is a highly technical part of web design that often gets overlooked if you work directly with graphic/web designers. The benefit of coming to an SEO specialist for web design is that we handle this for you, so your site is perfectly structured for search engines! 
  • Content and keywords – Web content is super important as it provides value to users and allows Google to know what your site is about. We develop a winning content strategy to fill your site with valuable information while also working on keyword implementation. Our team conducts in-depth keyword research that highlights the words and search terms you should be focusing on. From here, we implement these keywords to the best of our abilities so your site appears when people search for them. 

Why Is SEO-Optimized Web Development Important For Ranking?

You might be wondering, do I really need SEO-optimized web development? Will it really make that much of an impact on my search engine ranking? 

Yes, it will! SEO-optimized web development influences your ranking in many ways. As a result, it can and will rank a lot higher than a site that’s not optimized for search engines. If you’re still not convinced, let’s look at the reasons optimized web development is important for ranking your site: 

  • Makes your site more crawlable – Did you know that Google has lots of search engine bots that “crawl” the web and find websites? These bots are used to scan and index web pages, which basically rank the sites. If your site is optimized for search engines, it will be easier to crawl. In simple terms, it makes your website easier for Google to find, and easier for it to understand what you’re offering. Therefore, you get indexed and ranked in the right searches, ensuring the right audience finds you. 


  • Helps you dominate the mobile market – A large percentage of consumers will search for things on mobile devices. With an SEO-optimized website, you have a platform that’s responsive and works well on mobile devices. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can rank well in mobile local searches. Without a mobile-friendly site, you may not even appear in some of the mobile searches at all! 
  • Improves your page loading speeds – Are you aware that page loading speeds are a huge ranking factor for Google searches? Effectively, Google prefers sites that load quickly and don’t spend ages refreshing every page. Why? Because these sites offer a better user experience and Google is all about directing users to the best sites. They don’t want to send people to a website if every page takes five seconds to load. Our SEO-optimized web development service produces websites that load instantly all the time. Faster load speeds mean you zoom up the rankings. 
  • Reduces your bounce rate – What is a bounce rate? It’s the rate at which users click on your site and leave before doing something. A high bounce rate shows Google that a website isn’t offering anything of value. Either the content sucks or it’s so non-user-friendly that everyone lands on it and leaves immediately. Developing a site with SEO in mind will mean you have a low bounce rate. Your site is very user-friendly, the content is fantastic, and it keeps people hanging around. Google will give you a rankings boost if your bounce rate is low because it shows them that, yet again, your site is valuable to users. 


Put it this way, if you don’t develop a site with SEO in mind, your ranking will be negatively affected. What’s the point of having a pretty website if it doesn’t generate traffic or improve visibility? This is why Local SEO 101 develops all websites with SEO at the forefront of everything. You get a stunning site that ranks well and drives more web and foot traffic to your business. 

Why Choose Local SEO 101 To Improve Your Google Ranking?

There are lots of companies offering local SEO in chatham, so why should you choose us? 

We’re confident that our company is the best at delivering results. We won’t stop until you’re on the first page of Google, as close to the top as possible – it is literally our only job! 

Plus, when you choose us, you benefit from the following: 


  • Industry-leading SEO services – Our services are right up there as some of the best in the industry. We use a variety of proven techniques to guarantee your ranking will improve in a short space of time. 
  • An award-winning agency – We’ve won multiple awards and been nominated for even more over the last few years. Choosing Local SEO 101 means you’re picking a Top Local SEO Agency featured on Upcity and We even won an award for the Top Content Marketing Company in 2023! 
  • Over a decade of experience – We’re not some new agency that’s sprung up out of nowhere; we’ve been doing this for over 10 years now. There are proven results for you to see as we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the chatham area. Check out our case studies to see who we’ve worked with and the results we generated. 
  • Full transparency at all times – You’re never left in the dark when you work with us; we provide full transparency on everything that we do before we do it. 
  • All your SEO services in one place – Local SEO 101 provides a full range of SEO services for chatham-based businesses. This doesn’t just include local SEO; it also includes content marketing, social media marketing, website development, and more. You can enjoy all of these crucial services in one place without needing to deal with multiple agencies at once. 
  • Guaranteed results – As a results-driven agency, we don’t stop until you see the improvements you’re hoping for. 

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