If you are in the daycare provider business, you need to put forth repeated efforts to stay relevant. Due to the natural attrition of children aging out of childcare and moving on to school, your business must constantly advertise and bring in more children to keep your company operational and your staff gainfully employed.


On the other end of the story are the parents who are actively searching for a good quality and safe daycare establishment to provide essential services and care for the most important people in their lives – their children. 


Parents will go through great efforts to find the best childcare for their children. They will thoroughly vet your institution once they find you. That is the key here. They need to find your business online before they can pay you to take care of their kids. This is where digital marketing becomes an essential part of your business toolbox. Keep reading to learn more about how digital marketing can work for you.

The Power of Organic Searches


When parents are searching online for a daycare provider, they will enter their search queries into a search engine or “just Google it,” as they say. The results populate in a search engine results page or SERP. These listings are not paid for by your company and are considered an organic search. 

The best place for any business, and especially for a daycare establishment, is to show up on a web search on the very first page of the results and at the very top, ideally within the top three results. If your website populates anywhere on the second page of results or later, it will not benefit your business, as people tend not to continue their search past that coveted first page. Instead, they might begin a new search query with a variation of the original keywords, again only stopping to look at the results on the first page.


Advertisers don’t have any impact on the results of an organic search. Things that factor into the algorithm that generates the SERP results include the following:

  • SEO or search engine optimization strategies.
  • The domain Authority or DA. DA is a predictive ranking score that factors into the order or position of a website’s search results.
  • A user’s search query. This may include the words “best daycare in my city” or “highest-rated daycare in my zip code.”
  • The routine support and maintenance of SEO to continue to nurture relevance. 


The Importance of Website Optimization


When you engage experts to work on website optimization for your daycare business, you are asking them to use a variety of marketing tools, marketing tests, and comprehensive techniques to refine and enhance your company’s website. The end goal of these efforts is to drive more business to your website and eventually to your brick-and-mortar daycare establishment over and over again.


Website optimization is a comprehensive term by which your website, which is basically the window for online visitors and those performing a search query to enter into your content and information, is more easily available as a search result. With the intention of optimizing your website for better performance, metrics and data are reviewed to determine what is and isn’t working best for your website. 


Conversion rates are a key part of website optimization. They encompass the practical application of improving the number of people who visit your website or online users who do what you want them to do. Essentially, this means they click on links that bring them to the “Contact Us” page for further interactions and contract engagement with your daycare business.


For more information about how conversion rates and website optimization will inform your business strategies and help your daycare business grow, please visit our official Local SEO 101 page today.


Understand That Digital Marketing is Trackable


If you are wondering why a business should want to track its digital marketing efforts, you are not alone. Many business owners, including daycare entrepreneurs, don’t realize that tracking their digital marketing deliverables is a fundamental way to understand how well your advertising endeavours are paying off. Numbers tell a story and provide necessary intel on how your marketing is providing results or any lack thereof because families need to find you. Prosperous marketing data will equate to robust daycare enrollment numbers.


Simply put, when you know what’s working and what isn’t in terms of your advertising attempts, you know how to proceed. When something works, you continue to capitalize on that strategy while still raising the bar to stay interesting and relevant. When an idea isn’t providing you with desirable metrics, you must pivot away from that notion and onto something new. Tracking your digital marketing undertakings is the best way to make this happen.


The practical application of digital marketing comes to fruition when you are able to learn which paid ads received the most visits and clicks. You can gain informative data that will inform you on which social media posts or videos drove visitors or web users to click back to your daycare’s website. All of this information is valuable data that shows the results of your continued digital marketing efforts.


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